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About Us

Jasper Services is your family owned trusted home improvement business professionals. Santima and Eric Jasper started off as a small lawn services business. We continued to build and most importantly we built a trusting relationship with every single customer, giving them a family feel, one on one commitment and value. Inspired by Chip and Joanna Gaines stars of HGTV television hit show Fixer Upper, from their quality hard working skills to their family feel environment they give to their customers and viewers. We are inspired to follow their model to give our customers a true unforgettable experience. As Jasper Services continued to grow our customers didn't hesitate to ask for a helping hand in the house and outside of the house. Customers would always express how pleased they were with our work and how hard it was to find hard working helpful professionals that would really listen, do the job right, and commit to finishing the job completely.


We definitely understood this pain point and wanted to help more people with a need for home improvement professionals. Based out of Lake County, Fl now serving all of Central Fl. With 15 years of experience our mission stands strong and our customers are always truly satisfied wanting more. We want to help keep your home beautiful for a lifetime and give you an unforgettable true comfortable experience.

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